Install Voice Changer for Discord

This blog is entirely Dedicated to game voice changer app that is known as Voice Changer for Discord. Discord Voice changer is a voice changing app that is  available to chat and communicate between fellow players of game and is available in PC and Web Version both. Here in this article, we will discuss about both the versions. If you are looking for some guide that can help you to speak in Funnier language or ascent then you should read this article completely as here in this article we have shared all the information upon Voice Changer  Discord. With this article or Guide you will get to know upon the working of the software and its utility for you. Let’s make our gaming experience better with Voice Changer for Discord. You must wanted to know that What is Discord and how it can helpful for you, below we have mentioned complete details.

Voice Changer for Discord

Voice Changer for Discord is a free voice chat software present on internet. By Using Discord and AV Voice changer software simultaneously, you can change your voice in real time and make your gaming experience far better.  Their voice algorithms can convert your voice into file and and edit them that and it is one such experience that you will never forget.

Voice Changer For Discord

It is also known as Discord Chat software and is mostly required for Gaming especially in Overwatch. There are two versions of Discord, One is of PC while another one is of web. Voice Changer for Discord is absolutely free to use equipped with lot of excellent features.  You can read our complete article given below to get more information upon Discord Voice Changer. According to officials of Discord, discord will always be free, they might launch additional packs along with discord that are paid in nature.

Download Voice Changer for Discord:

Voice Changer for Discord is one of the best chat software that you can use as said by our experts. You might not like it but we will recommend you to use it for once and then decide whether you can use Discord or not. Using Discord Voice Changer, you can record your own voice and can convert into respective file formats accordingly.

Characteristics  of AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5: 

Using Discord, you can speak like your favorite cartoon character or your can mimic like your Favorite Movies Actor. Just imagine how funny it will be if you can speak like Tom n Jerry or some other cartoon character of your choice. There are few other features as well mentioned below:

  • Along with Voice Beautifying, Voice effects can be used to change to voice as per you need.
  • Using File Morpher, you can convert Morph and audio into voice files as per your need. There are 2 types available in Voice Changer Software that is Complete Mode and Fast Mode
  • Pitch and Timbre are built into chart forms, connected to change age and sex of your own voice. It provides greater visual control on voice recorders and modification.

Install and Use Voice Changer for Software

To use Voice changer for Discord, you first need to install AV Voice changer 9.5 in your PC and then only you can use Discord Voice Changer.

Below we have mentioned all the steps you need to install Discord Voice Changer: 

  • Firstly Download Voice Changer 9.5 in your PC and open it
  • In the main Menu, you will find settings option and you can click upon it.
  • In voice changer software, select Virtual Motorist Mode
  • Once you select that mode, you need to click on OK and close the window.

There are 2 modes in Voice Changer for Discord, that are hook mode and virtual Motorist Mode. Using Virtual Motorist Mode, You can process audio flows from different devices using different applications. Once you are done with AV Voice Changer software, you need to edit the configuration in Voice Changer for Discord Software. 

There are two basic methods that are given below:

Morpher Feature uses:

In the voice changer for Discord, you can use this feature as it is the most innovative method to modify your voice using Discord. This method provide you the quick and best result to change your voice. There are 3 methods to use that are given below:

Voice Effects: add outspoken, sound and desktop effects to a voice and in addition, there are Make-upspresets With Custom (Equalizer) to alter your own voice.

Voice Beautifying: controller and boost your voice and improve your audio quality in addition.

Pitch and Timbre Graph: It can alter the sex and age of your voice. You can get better result using format pitch option available in Voice Changer for Discord

Nick Voice Uses:

It is the most quickest and easiest way to modify your voice using Discord. Using nick voice, you can modify your voice instantly in a single click.  There are more than 60+ alternatives available in Nick Voice and can change your voice from male to female, female  to male, and with nohuman voices too.

How to Connect and Install Voice Changer for Discord

 There are two methods to connect Discord Voice Changer that is web method and PC method explained below in detail.

Method 1: Web Method to Use Discord: To use Web method with Discord Voice Changer, you need to follow the steps given below: 

  • Login to the account of Discordapp
  • After logging in, select option open Discord
  • In the primary menu, select settings icon.

In the web version, you will open the dialog box of User settings and do the required steps given below:

  • Select Voice Tab
  • In the settings, pick the input device as Microphone
  • Select Done button and close the user settings.

Method 2: PC Method to Use Discord:

You can use Voice Changer discord, using AV Voice Software Diamond software. you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, you need to open Discord and select Settings icon
  • User settings will be shown to you and you need to select the following steps:
    • Select Voice Tab
    • Select Input device as Microphone
    • Close the user settings

Voices in Voice Changer for Discord

  • Regular- Helium (chipmunk)
  • Child
  • Lion
  • Child Robot
  • Adult Robot
  • Old Robot
  • Cellar
  • Monster
  • Nervous
  • Drunk
  • Squirrel
  • Dead Person
  • Reverse
  • Wide Echo
  • Ghost
  • Phantom

How to Setup and Install  Voice Changer for Discord

Discord Voice Changer can be used with the help of AV Voice Changer software 9.5, below we have mentioned the steps that are given below to download and install Voice Changer Discord:

  • Firstly, you need to open Discord Software, and select settings option in Configuration
  • You will be redirected to User settings. Once  you redirected to user settings, you need to open voicetab
  • Under that, you need to select Basic settings. Under Basic settings, you need to select input device as microphone that will allow discord voice changer as voice changing software.
  • Once you have changed the settings in the configuration, you need to select done and close the configuration.
  • Now you just need to close the settings and use it.

How to Download and Install AV Voice Changer for Discord

  • Open Google or any other search engine and then search for AV Voice Changer
  • You will not be able to download Discord from playstore, you need to search on internet for the same and you will find multiple tools to download and install the same
  • You have to remember that there are two variations of AV Voice Changer Software. One of these is the browser or web version, whereas another one is a Mobile application.  You shouldn’t confuse between both and proceed for the just mobile application.
  • Once you download Voice Changer for Discord, you need to install it
  • Before installing, you need to enable the third party sources as well to install the file
  • Then you have to click on the setup option and create the first modifications that are necessary for using this Software.
  • The Voice changer for Discord is all set to be used.

More Information Upon Voice Changer For Discord:

Voice Changer for Discord has a lot of audio effects that you can use on your own voice or on somebody else voice. It is different kind of software. Discord is similar to Sonic Screwdriver software with a lot of distortion impacts of Bizzare Vocoder. You can switch your input voice like a singer, rapper or like a cartoon character that completely depends upon your choice. You can also input recorded voice of skype conversation of phone recording too.

Final Words upon Voice Changer for Discord:

As per our experience, voice changer for Discord is an amazing software that anybody can use for free. It is one of the best software that you can use to change your voice and also helpful to communicate with your fellow members playing in any game. There are 2 versions of Discord Voice Changer as mentioned above and you can use any of them according to your choice.  In the present information age, Discord is such a revolution that anyone of us would love to use. Hope we have cleared all your doubts on Voice Changer for Discord, If you have any problem related Discord Voice Changer for PC, you can check here.